Join the Song Circle


The Global Song Circle is an invitation to people across the world to unite through the power of singing together. Through shared song, we aim to inspire people around the planet to join their voices together each month, even though we are all currently at home, and to sing as one 'global choir', united for harmony, peace and love.

When we sing, our hearts begin to beat at the same time, we become happier and healthier and our energetic frequency rises. So, when we sing together, in the thousands and millions, we can collectively improve our wellbeing and help to raise the frequency of the whole planet.

The Global Song Circle is part of our Global Days of Unity project, an inspiring initiative that unites individuals and communities across the world on the third weekend of every month to share an activity that they love.

How do I participate?

Global Song Circle is a great project to connect and get involved with during these unprecedented times while we’re all at home and socially distancing.  Whilst you might feel disconnected from others, you can feel part of our global singing community by learning our new songs and sharing them with your friends, family and community through social media.

We’d love you to learn our new monthly song and, when you’re ready, film a version of it on your own or with your family and share it on social media with our hashtags.  We'll gather your films throughout the month and share them with the world on our Facebook page.

We’ll be providing a new song with you every month from a different group or song leader, so we hope you have fun learning and sharing it.

This Month's Featured Song

This month we’re delighted to feature the uplifting and well known African-American spiritual Wade in the Water.  The song was chosen by our super talented gospel choir leader and musician, Nadine Lee, who’s brought her younger daughter on board to help teach it, along with her lockdown choir.   There are more verses which you can find on our free copy of the song sheet

Share Your Song Moments

We invite you to share your memories, pictures, videos, etc, to your social media pages and on our Facebook page and remember to tag us - #globalsongcircle, #MakeMusicDay and #FindingHarmony

Special Invitation to Schools

We especially encourage schools to join the monthly Global Song Circle. We’d love you to teach the monthly song to your students and sing it in your school on the Friday leading into the 3rd weekend of every month if you can.