Join the Song Circle

The Global Song Circle is an invitation to people across the world to unite through the power of singing together. Through shared song, we aim to inspire people around the planet to join together each month in their communities and to sing as one 'global choir', united for harmony, peace and love.

When we sing, our hearts begin to beat at the same time, we become happier and healthier and our energetic frequency rises. So, when we sing together, in the thousands and millions, we can collectively improve our wellbeing and help to raise the frequency of the whole planet.

How do I participate?

Gather your friends, family, community on the 3rd weekend of each month and sing the free featured monthly song below - along with any other songs you enjoy singing. You can join in from wherever you are, be it your home, a community space or the great outdoors.

If you can’t manage to sing on the 3rd weekend of each month we'd still love you to join us by learning our songs and sharing them with your community.

We’ll be sharing a new song each month for you to learn and sing, presented by different choirs from around the world.

This Month's Featured Song

April’s song is the inspirational #Resolution Song 2020, a song of hope for our planet and a call for positive action to help improve our world. It’s sung and taught here by The Harmony Chorus of India with their musical director Sandra Oberoi.

Watch the teaching video below for an easy and fun way to learn the song, think about the resolutions you can make and remember to film and share your singing, which we know will be coming from home this month as we’re all staying safe and staying in. You can download a free copy of the song sheet here to help.

Share Your Song Moments

We invite you to share your memories, pictures, videos, etc, to your social media pages and on our Facebook page and remember to tag us - #globalsongcircle, #onedayonechoir, #Resolution2020

Special Invitation to Schools

We especially encourage schools to join the monthly Global Song Circle. We’d love you to teach the monthly song to your students and sing it in your school on the Friday leading into the 3rd weekend of every month if you can.

Finally, register your Global Song Circle and join the global chorus!